Primary 3 - 6
Chinese Oral Online Classes    
在线课堂  .  小三 - 六口试
(MOE Syllabus)

Worried about your child's Chinese Oral Exams which comprises 25% of the overall Chinese scores? Grasping of Oral skills needs long term practice and consistent training. It is never too early to expose your child to daily conversational practices before your child can speak fluently at her/his Chinese Oral exam!

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Looking for targeted trainings by native teacher according to MOE syllabus to ace this daunting component in Chinese exam? Sign up for 1 to 1 60min online Chinese Oral classes (口试练习,生词汇集 & 好词好句) and learn at the comfort of your home!


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Primary 3 - 6 Chinese Oral Online Classes                      
在线课堂 . 小三 - 六口试 (MOE Syllabus)

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